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  1. Olá. Não acho legal postar scan de revista que ainda é comercializada, ainda mais no caso da Calafrio,que é feita à duras penas pelo atual editor.

    1. Olá amigo Mateus,
      Concordo plenamente com sua colocação, tanto que procuramos só postar edições com mais de dez anos e que estão fora do catalogo.
      Mas no caso dessa edição de Caláfrio, abrimos uma exceção principalmente por ser uma pequena editora, que com certeza teve toda a sua mínima tiragem vendida, principalmente vendida pela loja especializada a “Comics” na Alameda Jau, no centro da cidade de São Paulo... e com certeza a postagem não prejudicou a editora.
      Se temos dificuldades de distribuição com as grandes editoras como a Panini, Mythos e outras muitos fãs de revistas como a Calafrio ficam impedidos de ter acesso a estas obras.
      O caso do nosso amigo que acompanha o blog, nos Estados Unidos, o Henry R. Kujawa que fala das dificuldades, de quase todas as lojas especializadas no Brasil que não vendem e nem enviam aos Estados Unidos, e os interessados acabam dependendo de fãs, que acabam abusando muito nos preços além de frete e taxas de localização...
      Para ajudar e fazer com que fãs que moram distante no Brasil e no exterior, que o blog com o objetivo de ajuda-los, faz essas postagens, apesar de ser uma prática contrária da nossa politica de nunca prejudicar nem os artistas e nem as editoras.
      Grato por seu comentário e continue acompanhando o blog e deixando sua opinião que é muito importante.


  2. OOH! I had to check... I have scans of EVERY issue of this series, both the original run and the revival... but this is a BRAND-NEW one I've never seen before! Thanks so much for allowing me to keep "up to date".

  3. "Hello. I don't think it's cool to post a scan of a magazine that is still commercialized, especially in the case of Calafrio, which is done hard by the current editor."

    That's a good point which I have worried about myself in reference to my POE project. I've been buying every new POE comic I can get my hands on, and wonder, will I ever get up to processing and posting the NEW ones? For the most part, the project is only up to 1979 right now, but I DO have one story done in 1992 (for CALAFRIO, as it happens, except the magazine shut down before it came out) which was then published by someone else in 2002. That's by far the most recent I have posted at my blog.

    Something tells me at the rate I'm going I may never catch up...

    JUST opened the file... this new one is from December 2017. That just about 2 years ago. That explains why I never saw this before. The previous issue was 5 YEARS earlier.

    I wish something could be done about the fact that most (nearly all?) stores in Brazil DO NOT sell or ship to the USA. I've had to rely on other fans (which jacks up the price greatly between "shipping" and "finder's fees") and in one case, buying it off an artist, who sent me a SIGNED copy of his own book (Eduardo Schlosser-- check out his work, he's amazing).

    1. Hi Henry,
      The issue of selling and distributing is a problem, so the purpose of the blog is to bring the magazines to the farthest fans.
      To help and make fans who live far away in Brazil and abroad, the blog to help them, make these posts, despite being contrary to our policy of never harming neither artists nor publishers. .
      Grateful for your comment and keep following the blog and leaving your opinion that is very important.


  4. I recently contacted a store in Chile, who wrote back, saying "Unfortunately, at present we do not have any method for shipping to the United States."

    About the same time, I ran across a store in Argentina, Quio Squito, who surprised me by having a special section on their page for "overseas shipping". I clicked on it, and it took me to a full page, written entirely IN ENGLISH, where they described a system similar to that used by Todocoleccion, a selling site in Spain. In Quio Squito's case, you e-mail them with your address and the books you want, they figure out the shipping and reply, then if you want the book, you send the money by Paypal. I did, and soon after had 2 STUNNING books with Poe material.

    The only down side was, it cost extra to use the "national mail" instead of another service... but it was only after I did the order, that I learned that with certain services (Fed Ex, UPS), if I know which service is being used, I can have items shipped to one of THEIR addresses to pick it up. I recently got a P.O. Box, but they only accept deliveries from regular mail. The things I have to go through to avoid IDIOTS who live on my street who have begun tampering with my MAIL.


    1. 393/5000
      Hi Henry,
      Really the path to knowledge, art and culture are full of "stones", ie we find all kinds of difficulties ...
      And as you said (about your neighbors), we still find people who end up creating even more difficulties ...
      But we should not give up, on the contrary, with each victory we get, the taste of these victories is even bigger and better.


  5. Olá! link off...poderia reupar por gentileza?