quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2018


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  1. Whatta ya know... this contains a reprint (I'm pretty sure) of "O GATO PRETO" by Claudio Seto from 1972. (I have this one already, but I'll be adding this to my index.)

    The contents page in this issue actually has descriptions of the stories, along with the year they were originally published, which is quite unusual for these kind of reprint collections from Brazil.

    1. Hello friend Henry,
      Just like you do in the Blog Banca dos Gibs Brazucas, I also follow your blog daily, congratulations for the fantastic work of research.
      You are quite right that this Molinata publishing almanac brought a reprint of the story "The Black Cat" by Claudio Seto, which was probably originally published in the 70's.
      It really is rare to have the description of the stories, with information from them, it's a shame that the Brazilian editors did not do that, that much helps the researchers.
      Big hug