terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2016


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Olá pessoal, grato por visitarem o "Banca", nesta Terça Feira.
Hoje trazemos mais um scan, de um título muito conhecido que era publicado pela editora Vecchi, que agradava bastante os fãs do gênero terror.

O crédito deste scan é do Elcioch2015, valeu amigo.

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  1. This title started mostly as reprints from America, notably Charlton. Lots of Steve Ditko.

    By the 2nd half of the run, it had become pretty much all-Brazillian artists.

    My favorites this issue are from Edmundo Rodrigues & Flavio Colin!

  2. Hello Henry,
    Their placement is very correct when the "Comics Code" began to ban some titles, especially horror there in the U.S there was a lack of material forced the Brazilian publishers to appeal to national artists.
    Really Edmundo Rodrigues, and especially Flavio Colin are very good, Colin, has a very personal and inimitable style; I also appreciate very much!

  3. I've seen very little of Colin's early "Frank Robbins"-inspired work. Wonderful stuff. But, his later stuff totally flips me out. I've described it as what you'd get if someone used the "Jay Ward" cartoon animation style on stories with graphic horror & sex. (heehee)

    Edmundo Rodrigues also interests me, as he has his own unique "graphic" style, which usually stands out from others even when it's much simpler. I keep looking, hoping to find his version of "Amontillado" but it hasn't turned up anywhere yet. (Ditto for Colin's "Berenice" and "Metzengerstein".)