quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2016


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Olá pessoal obrigado por acessarem o nosso blog nesta Quinta Feira.
Hoje trazemos um scan de uma revista clássica do gênero terror, que foi publicada por 5 anos fez um grande sucesso, e que trazia todos os grandes nomes dos quadrinhos nacionais: Calafrio.
Destaque desta edição um conto de Edgar Allan Poe, que inclusive nem é muito conhecido: Morella; que foi adaptado por Eugênio Collonese, num trabalho maravilhoso onde ele utilizou um sombrado em tom de azul, que valorizou muito o seu trabalho.

Crédito: blog Bau HQB.

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  1. "CALAFRIO" was like Brazil's 1980s "answer" to Warren Publishing's "CREEPY", just as their companion anthology "MESTRES DO TERROR" was their answer to "EERIE".

    Both had the FINEST artists in Brazil doing stories for them, and were a high mark all other publishers never quite attained (based on my own observations over the last year or so).

    2 of Brazil's finest-- Eugenio Colonnese and Rodolfo Zalla-- were the ones in charge of the books. The 1st issue of "CALAFRIO" contained Colonese's 1967 adaptation of the Roger Corman version of "MORELLA" (unpublished until 1981 because some other company went out of business at the time).

    I believe just about the ENTIRE runs of both series have been posted for free at the "Quadri Brasil" blog.

  2. Hello my friend Henry,
    Your analogy between Creepy and Eerie with Calafrio and Mestres do Terror; It is very correct.
    Really Rodolfo Zalla and Eugenio Collonese were able to gather in his publishing (Publisher D'Art) greats of Brazilian comics, as any editor before had succeeded.
    This version of Roger Corman illustrated by Collonese was really a great job he has done.
    I have on paper the two complete collections of Calafrio and Mestres do Terror, and the digital version of the collection of Mestres do Terror is complete and Calafrio, still lack some issues that were not scanned and made available on the Internet.

    Big hug


  3. Apart from the most recent issues of the revival, I think I now have every issue of both books. There were a lot of them missing at "QUADRI BRASIL", but I checked back last month or so, and ALL of them are up now! I downloaded all previously-missing ones, and then updated my index. That may come in handy, if I ever have the urge to contribute again to the "Grand Comics Database" site (GCD). It won't be anytime soon, as their "editors" twice really got on my nerves. They don't appreciate people who know what they're doing.