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  1. OH!!! Somebody actually posted THIS!!!

    I once spent months downloading thousands of pages of Flavio Colin art, hoping I could find his adaptation of "Metzengerstein". No dice. Then I found it for sale on the website of a bookstore... in Brazil. I was NOT able to use their website to buy it. But... they had an e-mail listed.

    I contacted the store, and asked, "Can you ship to the US?" A nice girl replied, asking for my zip code, she then gave me the total price including shipping, a week later, I HAD THE BOOK!!! This is, to date, the ONLY book I have ever bought, MYSELF, from Brazil, without having to have someone living there buy it for me and then mail it to me (with a "finder's fee" and double the shipping costs).

    A year later, I contacted the store again... and got NO reply. My impression was... that girl had done something she WASN'T supposed to... and had either gotten a severe reprimand, or been FIRED... for selling me that book.

    Brazil continues to have this weird sort of "iron curtain" around it when it comes to being able to buy anything from outside the country.

    Flavio Colin's "METZENGERSTEIN" is one of my favorites. I did very little clean-up, then COLORED it and translated it into English.