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Crédito: Sebastião Oliveira

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  1. OS DENTES DE BERENICE (The Teeth Of Berenice)
    Story by Edgar Allan Poe
    Adaptation & art by FLAVIO COLIN

    O VELHO QUE VIROU RAPAZ (The Old Man Who Became A Boy)
    by Edmundo Rodriguez & Edno Rodriguez

    O CASTELO DO MAL (The Castle Of Evil)
    story by Ivan Saidenberg
    pencils by Luiz Saidenberg
    inks by Julio Shimamoto

    O CASAL SEM CABECA (The Headless Couple)
    Edmundo Rodriguez & Edno Rodriguez

    O TESOURO ESCONDIDO! (The Hidden Treasure!)
    by Manoel S. Nunes

    Marcelo Ferreira Antunes sent me HIGH-RES scans of Flavio Colin's "BERENICE" 4 years ago this month. It quickly became one of my favorites in my entire POE project.

    Here it is in COLOR and in ENGLISH:

  2. Hi my friend Henry,
    Satisfaction of receiving your comment, on our blog.
    Apparently, the old publishers, reprized a lot of material is the case of this edition.
    With regard to his work on translation into English and coloring, he was magnificent, professional work. Congratulations!!!

    Big hug