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Gênero; Terror / Formato: CBR / Idioma: Português (BR) / Número de páginas: 98 / Tamanho: 54,1 MB / Download: Google.Drive.

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  1. I've seen this before. This is actually...

    ALBUM CLASSICOS DE TERROR #1 / Dec 1966 (all reprints)

    This has to be one of the most ineptly-assembled books I've ever seen from Taika. I mean, look at the cover. It doesn't realy have a proper "logo". I can't be sure what the printing reproduction is like, but based on the scans (which I'm assuming are very bad), my bet is, the printing in this book is GHASTLY. Among the contents is Gedeone Malagola's "Pit and the Pendulum", which looks like CRAP, compared to the original printing from 1961 (HIGH-RES scans sent to me by Tony Rodrigues).

    The indicia, patsed up really crooked, reads:

    "no" (no number listed), "mt 12" (month 12 / December!)

    It took me a lot of months to figure this one out.

    Incidentally, it also took me a few years to figure out that "ALBUM CLASSICOS DE TERROR #2" (which nobody has ever listed as such) is the "SPECIAL" with "DRACULA" on the cover. This explained why issue #3 was the earliest anyone listed. Also, issue #8, the word "ALBUM" was left off the cover.

    There's a 2nd volume, all reprints, from the 70s, and-- get this-- HALF the issues have the word "ALBUM" on the cvover, the other half, DON'T. Completely at random. Which initially led me to think there were 2 different series, not just 1. None of the numbers were duplicated, and I eventually figured it out.

  2. Hello friend Henry
    For the many considerations that I have already followed on your blog, I consider you a great scholar of Brazilian comics.
    And as a scholar and researcher, I imagine the difficulties you have in being able to catalog the magazines that were published in the 50s, 60s and 70s of magazines of the horror genre.
    Unfortunately, and I believe that it was not only in Brazil, but the editors, at that time, carried out work that was not at all exquisite and compromised, in terms of print and publication quality.
    Furthermore, they only saw magazines from a "commercial" point of view, not taking into account that comics are "works of art"
    In this way, they did not care about the readers, and they often went back to "strandings" (returned magazines) in almanacs and reissues, changing only the title or cover.
    But in my opinion, brave people like you, accept this challenge, and with that you have done a magnificent job.
    Congratulations Henry.