quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2020


Gênero; Terror / Formato: CBR / Idioma: Português (BR) / Crédito: Sérgio Neves / Número de páginas: 68 / Tamanho: 88,5 MB / Download: Zippyshare.

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  1. I'm guessing this is another all-reprint issue.

    DRACULA-- A Revolta Dos Mortos Vivos
    (Revolt Of The Living Dead)
    28 pages by Nico Rosso

    Procissao Dos Mortos!
    (Procession Of The Dead!)
    13 pages by the dreaded "Edgard"

    The GHOST RIDER-- (uncredited)
    O Roubo Dos Diligencias
    (The Robbery of Diligence)
    10 page western by DICK AYERS (uncredited)

    A Assembleia Dos Mortos
    (The House Of The Dead)
    13 pages written by Ivan Saidenberg, art by Victor Forde E Satiro (I think that's 2 people, gotta check)

    Now I gotta figure out WHERE these originally appeared.

  2. Turns out, that GHOST RIDER story appears to have been a NEW story created by Brazil, art by Nico Rosso !!

    The GDQ had a lot of info missing, so right now, there's now way for me to know where 3 of these stories came from.

    The DRACULA story, however, originally appeared in SELECOES DE TERROR #88 (April 1969).