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 Gênero: Terror
 Formato: CBR
 Idioma: Português (Br)                                            
 Crédito: J. M. ALVAREZ
 Núm. De páginas: 100 páginas
 Tamanho: 144,3 Mb
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  1. Thanks for posting this! I didn't have it before. Now that I do, I just finished doing some research...

    DRACULA-- Volta A Atacar!
    (Attack Again!) 15 pages by Nico Rosso
    from SELECOES DE TERROR #28, 1962

    DRACULA-- Sangue De Vampiro
    (Blood Of The Vampire) 8 pages by Sergio Lima
    from SELECOES DE TERROR #4, 1959

    DRACULA em A Gaveta No.13
    (Drawer No.13) 28 pages by Nico Rosso
    from SELECOES DE TERROR #65, May 1967

    O Imperio Do DRACULA
    (The Empire Of DRACULA) 12 pages by Nico Rosso
    from SELECOES DE TERROR #18, November 1960

    DRACULA-- Sexta Fiera Negra
    (Sixth Black Beast) 28 pages by Nico Rosso
    ---I CANNOT find where this originally appeared
    However, a year later, it was reprinted in

    I seriously doubt this 1973 collection was its first appearance.

    Boy, these Taika reprint collections sure were RANDOM snd INCOHERENT, weren't they?

    IMAGINE!! --if somebody ever decided to do a "proper" reprint series, either with all the original stories from "SDT"-- or, JUST all the "DRACULA" stories, from whatever books they appeared in. It would be a mammoth, collossal project... and probably have to be shot, photographically, off the ORIGINAL COMICS.

    1. Amazing research work, Henry! Unfortunatelly there is no available information about who wrote the stories. I imagine if R. F. Lucchetti was the responsible of some of these scripts.

  2. Hi my friend Henry,
    First congratulations on your research.
    Really if someone proposed to make an edition just with the adventures of Dracula, it would be a Giant edition.


  3. Sabino e J. M. Alvarez, obrigado por esse resgate histórico. Isso é uma preciosidade!


  4. Helena Fonseca was credited for "A Gaveta No.13".
    Maria Aparecida Godoy was credited for "Sexta Fiera Negra".

    I think it was suggested in a Mercado Livre ad that R.F. Luchetti did the rest, as well as the 2 new text pieces.

    I've been adding info to the Guia Dos Quadrinhos database site when I can, and, grabbing info from there as well when new stuff turns up.

    But Taika's absolutely-chaotic publishing history has not made trying to keep track of and/or organize any of this stuff easy!

    It's made worse when the guy running the GDQ once congratulated me for deciding to tackle Taika... but then refused to acknowledge what I had figured out about their "Selecoes De Terror APRESENTA" double-numbering "system". Oh well. You do what you can!

    At Ernie Laczo's "International House Of Horrors" Facebook group, more Taika books have been slowly turning up as people are finding and buying them online. I grab the cover images when I see 'em, but I'm so busy I have trouble taking the time to clean up the images and re-post them. There's just too many!

  5. Hi friend Henry,
    Really his research work on Brazilian comic books and publishers, and worthy of praise, and has helped the Guia dos Comics website a lot.
    Certainly the numbering and publication scheme of Taika and others is really very chaotic, with reprinting of magazines that were returned by the newsstands, making research and cataloging difficult.
    But I am sure that your work has greatly helped to organize the collections of horror magazines.
    Big hug

  6. Toni Rodrigues has pointed out that BOTH issues of this short series were put out in 1976, shortly before Taika shut down.

    Toni has been immense help to me in identifying a lot of artists, in addition to supplying me no less than 9 complete stories for my project in HIGH-RES scans shot right off the original 1960s comics (not the later reprints).

    I only have the tiniest handful of actual Taikas in my collection, and the difference in printing quality between the early and late 1960s is SHOCKING. It's tragic how, once Jayme Cortez & Miguel Penteado left the company, the "money men" in charge let things go completely to hell. (Don't they always?)

  7. Ola, Sabino.

    Eu colecionava nas bancas dos anos 70 as revistas da editora Taika e especialmente as publicacoes das historias de Nico Rosso, como Naiara e Dracula.
    Alguma chance de ver aqui disponibilizadas mais dessas revistas? Naiara, por exemplo, só consegui 1 ate hoje