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  1. "Sacerdote Do Farao!" ("Priest of the Pharaoh!")
    by Francisco De Assis & Jose Evoldo (28 pp.).

    THANKS so much to Carlos Eduardo for posting these "DRACULA" issues. It would be far too difficult (and expensive) for me to try and buy copies of the actual comics from up here in the USA.

  2. Hi friend Henry,
    Carlos eduardo is a collaborator at Banca dos Gibis Brazucas.
    This is the goal of most comics sharing blogs, to take fans and scholars like you, who promote Brazilian comics.
    Big hug

  3. Now if only somebody could find out where that "Imp Of The Perverse" ("O Demonio Da Perversidade") adaptation originally appeared. Ignacio Justo & Edegar did 6 POE adaptations for Taika, apparently all of them in 1968, but the only issue I've seen it in was a 1973 ALMANAQUE DRACULA (posted here not long ago). Taika was doing so many horror books, and so far, that story hasn't turned up anywhere except in that (presumably) all-reprint issue. If you're still following my e-mails, you've seen it by now in ENGLISH and COLOR on my blog!

    Frank Thorne begged me NOT to send him any more "Justo" stuff... but then, he doesn't like Jack Kirby's work, either (heh).