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  1. SON OF A B**** !!!!! Another Taika POE has turned up!!!

    "O Demonio Da Perversidade" alias "The Imp of the Perverse".

    I've looked at the pages, it's the SAME story, as done by Luis Bermejo in CREEPY #76 (Jan'76).

    But this is in ALMANAQUE DRACULA #4 (Apr'73). My guess is this is an all-reprint issue. But WHERE did the story originally appear????? Not a clue.

    It's by Justo, Assis & "Edegard" (OH, GOD, NO!!!! --heehee) With a "d" this time.

    This would suggest it might be from sometime in 1968... but who knows where?

    Taika would have been much better off if they'd been publishing a LOT FEWER horror series.

    Then again, this was a "problem" that Marvel had a lot. In the 50s, and in the 70s. They just couldn't stop flooding the market with more titles and more titles and more titles.

    And when it came to reprints, they almost never reprinted things in books of the same title, or series in any sensible order.

  2. Oh, yeah... THANKS for posting this! 3 years of searching for Taikas, and this is yet another one I've NEVER seen before.