terça-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2018


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  1. Something's wrong with the above link, it takes you to "Zippyshare", but then, when you click on the "download" button, instead of the CBR file, it wants to go to some other site that my anti-virus program watnsd me is "HIGH RISK".

  2. Hello my friend henry
    I checked the Link, and it's downloading normal, try again and any problems contact us.


  3. Still acting goofy. First it sets off my anti-virus warning. Then I see something called "Slimware Utilities", which then vanishes. When I tried again, I got something for "Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin". Weird....

    I don't really need this one anyway, apart from curiosity. Vecchi totally re-formatted Flavio Colin's "Berenice", and another fan in Brazil e-mailed HI-RES scans of the original version from 1964! I'd been looking for that for over 2 years, and it immediately became one of my favorites in the my entire POE project.