domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2017


Scan: ScanManiacs

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  1. I was hoping this might have been the earlier ALBUM CLASSICOS DE TERROR #3 (from 1967). That and #2 and #8 (all from the same run) haven't turned up, and there's some POE scans from those I still need.

    Someone at the Guia Dos Quadrinhos database site said they could send me scans from #8, but that was months ago and no word since.

  2. Hello friend Henry,
    Glad to have collaborated with this issue that you were needing in your research to be able to compile Poe's work in a concise manner.
    And I'll keep an eye out for the # 2 and # 8 issues you need.

    Big hug


  3. As of 5-14-2017, the 2nd story in ALBUM CTD #8 (1968), "Helena", turned up online at another blog via the 70s reprint (unfortunately, the line quality was terrible-- but still usable).

    ALBUM CDT #2 (1967) is still missing, as are 2 of the stories from #3 ("Hop-Frog" & "Silence") (1967).

    However, THIS week, the cover for CLASSICS DE TERROR #24 (1962 !!!) turned up at the GDQ database. I got in touch with the person who uploaded it, and 2 days later, he supplied me with HI-RES scans of the cover and Flavio Colin's "BERENICE"!! I'd been looking for this for 2 years. Currently "in progress"!

    I ran across this 2 days after I managed to order Flavio Colin's "METZENGERSTEIN" direct from a store in Brazil-- something that appeared to be impossible before. It's in transit-- hoping it gets here safe!